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Phnom penh city, Royal palace, kiiling fields, Siem Reap city of Khmer ruins, home stay, bird watching..! it will make enjoy of Cambodian way of life taste of Khmer food if you can it fish or chicken/ vegetarianism's foods. Visit Duran farm, Boko Hill ( it resort on hill with cloudy you also can see old pagoda and building of France colonies in the last between 1863 - 1952 AD. 
it around 170 year old Cacino it would be 1night over stay.. At beach sites, Kep beach stay Rabbit Island, Shinouk Ville beach stay/ visit some Island, the most famous private Island Koh Saang Saa, or Bamboo Island snorkeling / Koh Roung

Day1: 17--August 17 Pick Up Over in Phnom Penh River view of Fourth River. After arrival in Phnom Penh Transfer to hotel in city and Visit Wat Phnom Pagoda, National Musuem, Centrel Market late evening taking your walking tours at Rever Side your relax as you just arrive or your own walk near the river side.. 

Day2: 18--August 17 Visit Some attaction sites and Tours in Phnom Penh 
at 8: 40 AM visit Royal palace, Killing field, S21 museum, Rusian Market, some places in city. Dependience mumument dinner to hotel. 
May try restourant at friend international NGO ) to hotel 

Day3: 19th August 17 Phnom Penh to Battambang 
g to Kapot visit on way visit on way pottery village in Ksan take along Drive to Battambang visit salt farm and view of charmming town area over nigth in Battambang 

Day4-20 th Visit Around Battambang attraction to Siem Reap 
pick up at hotel visit, Samrong Knong Pagoda, where a huge Crave the victim of Khmer Rouge Time, then DounTeave village to people make rice pepper, try local ride Bamboo train, Winery place, Grape farm, Siem reap  to hotel. 

Day5-- 21th August 17 Tours in Siem Reap - Angkor Wat day tour 
AM: After breakfast Driver/ tour guide pick up at 9 : 00 AM, discover Pre Rup the Hindu 11th century => Bantay Samre Temples then best time to Bantay Srey (citadel of women' dedicated to Shiva pink color Lady temple ) then Drive through sightseeing country side Villages where farmer produce sugar palm . back to visit in Angkor temples complex ( national archeological park ) 
AM: To Avoid From Crowed of busy high season => Visit Peah Khan temple => Neak Pean => Tam Som ( The entance with Tree at east tower ) => East Mebon => temples rice paddy end of tours 

Day6-:22 nd August 17 AM: Get up earlier at 5 : 00 AM to See sunrise at the Angkor Wat , Breakfast at Local restaurant / hotel => claim up to top of Phnom Bakeng get view all the Siem Rea Town / temples area =>> South gate of Angkor Thom with two lines of images hold the Naga lead tower of city sourounding by moat. =>Ancient Angkor High Way bridge, 54 towers with 216 Charming smile faces=.> Bayon =.> Baphoun => Phi Meanakas => Royal Palace => Peah Pilalay => The Terrace of Elephants=> Terrace of Leper King in cluding North Kleang => Takoe => Tamphroum ( known as jungle temple giant tree get over stone the temple best of the best where Anjuna july made movie end of tour 

Day7--23rd  August 17 8: AM: Visit to Beng Mealea At Country Side 
are confronted with a mass of ruins half devoured by a ravenous jungle. The temple's abandoned stones lie like forgotten jewels swathed in lichen and its temple complex strangled by ivy and vines. Brought to you by the same man who built Angkor Wat, King Suryavarman II, it is similar in style to his later effort but receives only a fraction of the guests. 

Beng Mealea is 70km northeast of Siem Reap on a sealed private road. You can get pass $5 
AP: The old town of Rolous: The very first site of the ancient Khmer civilization was here in Roluos, then known as Hariharalaya. The temples of Roluos were built by King Indravarman I (r 877-89). The first was Preah Ko (Sacred Bull) named after the Nandin statue found on site. Preah Ko has six brick towers each dedicated to his parents, maternal grandparents and to King Jayavarman II and his wife. Next came Bakong , a terrestrial version of the celestial Mount Meru. It is a five-tiered pyramid-temple and was the inspiration for many of the temples that followed, back to hotel in Siem Reap. 
Flooded forest/ floating villages at siem Rap Home Stay + Flooded or floating villages Of Kampong Phlouk pick up Siem Reap hotel to home stay at 11: 40 AM. Take a boat to villages, dropp bags swimming at the at the lake largest fresh water Lake in Southeast sunset, 
Day8--Siem reap to Tatai take 10-11 hrs drive
We pick up Siem Reap to tats Bride beautifull of river floating lodge
Enjoy Tatai as it take a long journey staop toilet and luch Break on way

Day9--tour in Tatai Wat fall in Koh Kong
visit Tatai Water fall and city of Koh Kong Provincal city
Mangrove forest to Tatai or Koh kong

Day-10- Koh Kong to Kampot Kep visit around Kep
pick up at hotel take to Kampot attraction of the area,  visit salt farm, Phnom Chlouk Cave and Pepper farm around Kep beach to river ride of Kapot view relax hotel.

Day 11- enjoy your beach  
 Phnom Penh hotel to Phnom Penh/ airport 
pick up from hotel to Phnom penh airport take 5hrs drive Spare time plus 2hrs drive check in to Phnom Penh airport End of service 

Private tours 10-11 days trip 

+ Transports + English Speaking Driver ,gasoline, tool, tax, parking

Option 1-  Private A/c Transport + with english Speaking driver , gasoline, tax, parking

1--The charge Car 5seats  =$1099  USD  For ( 1- 4 passengers ) 

2--The charge  ( SUV Lexus / Hilander  Car 5seats  =$1199  USD  For ( 1- 4 passengers )

3 - THe Chagre Mini Van 12 - 15 seats = $ 1199 USD ( 5-8 people )


Option2- Transport + expert tour guide, tool, Gasoline, Parking

1--The charge = $1789 a/c car 5 seats , english speaking driver

1--The charge ( SUV Car Car 5seats  =$1899  USD  For ( 1- 2 passengers )

2-The Charge = $ 1899 USD  --mini Van english speaking  tour guide

+ Included Gasdoline, tool, tax, parking, cold water privied during the tours

-note That Not included Ticket and entrance fee , hotel pay by your own

Please let us know if you have other interesting places in Mind? 
I am here happy to help give some information 

We do hope to hear from you all.

Private Tours Transport-Driver Guide, Walking Tours, My walking tours in Siem Reap often depart from the usual tourist routes, showing you Local market, learn about curlture and Nature, the medieval, ancient city. Driving thru the countryside I usually take the small scenic roads, thus giving you a better sense of Cambodia's rural villages, environment.
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I just came back from an excellent 3-day trip in Siem Reap with my mom. We went on a two-day touring trip to see the Angkor Wat and got Mr. Phat's services, we also asked
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