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Siem Reap city to Koh Chang take you 7-8 drive plus stop on visa Stamp 1-1:30 hrs. we can help traveler by Road drive visa Cambodia-Bantay Mean Chey Poipet - Thailand AranyanPratate

Private Taxi Ground Transfer Siem Reap to Koh Change. Is Posible to go by Mini Van and Taxi Cap Safty belts. The ground transfer to desighed to fixed your on Bardget and camport Price on Transfer, If you need to book -Siem Siem Reap just one Person a bit more cast But if you two and More People in group we to Recommend Travel over Land. you meet People and friendly view of Cambodia- Thainland. Please us departure and arrival dates. The services offered by the Cambodia Taxi Drivers are not limited Time to choosing a Arrival and Departure Siem Reap to Kog Chang to Siem Siem Reap, but you have to travel during the day time as the boder will be at 5:30 PM- Open at 7:30 AM.

if you more Peole than 4 do not hecitate ask us to Travel by mini is easy and most Valueable Trp. it will be unbelievably useful while you are on holiday. As well as a direct / connceted ground Transfer. we have selected some-hand-work with Other car-driver Campany in Thailand side.We offers Siem Reap to Bangkok and from Bangkok Don Muang to Siem which you will find here. Go ahead and book your without a worry in the Asean-Asian, You will find it unbelievably useful on your trips...!

-Though Bavil - Battambang Boder Phsa Phroum Travel along border Thailand Ban Laem, Chantaburi, Thailand/Daung Lem, Cambodia ( Psha Proum / Daung Checkpoint)

-most easy way and find our deals

Bantay Mean Chhey- Poipet ( was Seppareted 3Years ) Thailand- AranyanPratate.

- Ban Pakard / Phsa Prum
This little utilized border is a thirty minute motorbike ride from Pailin and from the Thai side there are frequent minibuses to Chanthaburi an hour or so away. Cambodian visas on arrival are available.  

  -Ban Laem / Daun Lem
Close to the Ban Pakard, Chantaburi / Phsa Prum, Pailin crossing, this very little utilized border is about 45 minutes from Pailin-Cambodia and on the Thai side Chanthaburi. The Ban Pakard / Phsa Prum crossing is your better bet.

Private Tours Transport-Driver / Guide, Walking Tours, My walking tours in Siem Reap often depart from the usual tourist routes, showing you Local market, learn about curlture and Nature, the medieval, ancient city. Driving thru the countryside I usually take the small scenic roads, thus giving you a better sense of Cambodia's rural villages, environment.
All Tours are tailor-made. And if you are looking for a reliable and affordable private driver for your whole Cambodia vacation, I would be honored to be at your service.
Professionalism, care and fun, plus my friend- ship are the cornerstones of my tours.

Private Cambodia Tours: is specialized in affordable private guided tours for active singles, couples, families and small groups. I heartily welcome travelers from all countries of the world.
From your first enquiry up to the execution of your tour, I will be your contact, answer all your questions, make your itinerary, pre-order your tickets and finally accompany you as a friend on your desired tour.

Having a layover, cruise. call or a short vacation?

I'll pick you up and take you on a private Tours sightseeing tour of medieval Angkor Wat temples, and around Cambodia and
rural historic villages.

Visit a Silkfarm, Ceramix pottery factory, hands waving, famous Khmer art, Apsara Dance, curltural museums.

Contact me and together
we create a wonderful tailor-made itinerary!


I just came back from an excellent 3-day trip in Siem Reap with my mom. We went on a two-day touring trip to see the Angkor Wat and got Mr. Phat's services, we also asked them for roundtrip airport transfers. I found his site online and emailed him months before our actual trip and he instantly replied. His was the only site I felt at ease with. He didn't ask for payment right away and said we could pay at the end of the tour. I remember thinking that he's a guy who is sure of his services. So I booked a tour. I was slightly worried at first whether he would really pick us up at the airport or not. We arrived at 10:30 pm, but there he was. with a van instead of a car. He said we were lucky because it was low-season. We were the only guests at the moment. For two days we used his van with no extra fee. They were always on time. And right after every temple visit, they would be waiting for us with cold drinks (A MUST for some temples! I swear). Once, he even rushed to one of the temples with new umbrellas because it suddenly rained. He didn't charge us for those as well. He is a Cambodian local with his small self-run business. His English is at par with the some of the guides, and he's very helpful with shopping and local excursions. He also knows a lot about Siem Reap and the temple complex. All in all, an excellent guide. Someone I'd recommend to family and friends!
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Send me any inquiries you might have. I will be only to happy to reply and give you any information on Cambodia you require.
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H/P: (855) 17 93 06 94 , (855) 97 51 43 209.
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